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Over a nearly 30-year career, Attorney Corin L. Kahn has provided legal representation, advice, research, and general advocacy to individuals, groups, associations, non-profits, and other business forms on a variety of legal issues, specializing in every aspect of the use of land.  

Kahn’s clients include private, unincorporated, and nonprofit entities whose compliance, entitlement or litigation issues arise from government regulation. Kahn brings nearly thirty years of experience in land use, environmental, planning, zoning, and real estate, in particular areas including the: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Brown Act, Public Records Act, Coastal Act, Unruh Act, Davis-Stirling Act, and other municipal and administrative laws. (See partial client list below.) 

Attorney Kahn has handled hundreds of civil conflicts involving litigation, public hearings, home owners’ associations, and community meetings and responded to a range of issues involving neighborhood protection, neighbor conflicts, sustainability, environmental protection, property preservation, government disclosure, and intelligent and forward-looking urban planning.  

Development and the use of land requires a balancing between growth and sustainability, expression and community, and benefits and burdens, among other metrics of change. A maximum level of success is achieved by identifying advantages, creating opportunities, articulating and then undertaking a course of action.  

Kahn combines experience, recognition, knowledge, relationships and training to provide the client with the maximum flexibility in achieving the intended goals.