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About Attorney, Corin L. Kahn
Kahn also has had significant experience protecting civil and property rights:
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Partial List of Clients
  • Taxpayers For Livable Communities
  • Mulholland Tomorrow
  • Beverly Highlands Homeowners’ Association
  • Carbon Beach Homeowners’ Association
  • Mountain View Homeowners’ Association
  • Ramirez Canyon Homeowners’ Association
  • Winding Way Homeowners’ Association
  • Kelsey Street Homeowners’ Association
  • Concerned Citizens of Zuma Mesa
  • Concerned Citizens of Cayucos
  • Residents Organized Against Raleigh Enterprises
  • The Federation of Hillsides and Canyon Association, Inc.
  • Benedict Canyon Association
  • Limekiln Association
  • Bryant Hollycrest Homeowners’ Association
  • Colfax Neighborhood, an unincorporated association
  • Fox Hills Drive Group, an unincorporated association
  • Northridge East Neighborhood Council
  • Westwood-Holmby Hills Homeowners’ Association
  • Chatsworth Area Residents Association
  • Woodland Hills Homeowner’s Organization
Property Cases
Boundary disputes
Code compliance
Homeowner Association (Davis-Stirling Act)
Commercial Leases

Civil Rights
Civil Rights under the Unruh Act 
Elder Abuse 
Wrongful Termination